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Let’s Go Crabbing in Vancouver’s English Bay!

Aquatic Ventures offers sustainable crabbing tours along Vancouver’s coastline. Many say the Dungeness crabs out of English Bay are some of the best-tasting crabs in the world! We have to agree; these crabs have a slightly sweet taste when steamed and are perfect for dipping into some hot butter.

Dungeness Crab Feast: the Best Way to End a Day on the Water
During the crabbing season (April through June 15th), Aquatic Ventures hosts our complimentary Dungeness Crab Feast. For crab trapping and yacht charter trips, your Dungeness crabs will be cooked fresh, prepared right on board, and offered with hot butter. Please, mention the Dungeness Crab Feast at your time of booking to request this service.

There’s nothing that beats enjoying a fresh Dungeness crab caught the very same day. We will bait, set traps, catch, and prepare the freshest steamed Dungeness crab you have ever eaten. The crab catch is typically very plentiful, so we’ve uploaded a tasty crab cake recipe for your enjoyment.

Crab Cake Recipe
Aquatic Ventures has incorporated the best elements of several recipes to create “The Ultimate Dungeness Crab Cakes.” Download our crab cake recipe (PDF).